Saturday, 6 February 2016

  Under-Aged Girls Married off under a Slavery-like Contracts in Morocco

 Under-aged girls married in a form of slavery like-way, through a contract? Yes, it does exists!
Paying the father for marrying off his daughter in exchange of an amount of money that reaches 40.000 Dh sometimes? Isn’t that a form of slavery?

 Let’s talk about the practice of selling off under-aged Moroccan girls. It is called marriage under contract. It combines contradictions and controversies, just like the texture of the Moroccan society. Marriage under a contract is an agreement which is registered in a form of debt written agreement till the daughter reaches the legal age of marriage. Within the anarchy of this practice, the daughter becomes locked inside this imaginary box fortified by traditions with all the commitment it carries with it such as keeping one’s virginity, a quality that is mainly restricted to females. This is another type of marriage that was created as result of the government’s restriction on minor girl’s marriage. This form of marrying off is the closest thing to slavery and human trafficking. The father should be the main part responsible for this kind of ‘trade’ in powerless human being. He should be punished according to legal forms and laws banning slavery. The second part in this crime are the family of the groom. It is immoral and far from being human act to pay in order to marry a child. It is a disgraceful crime to make this marriage agreement conditioned by a written agreement under which the child becomes literally a sort of goods, a thing that can be traded off. Where was this kind of enslaving agreement done? Where are the Moroccan laws? This is absolutely not a unique case. Such kind of practices still dominate the majority of rural communities in Morocco where the rate of under aged marriage is rampant.

Do please translate this, share and make it known. We all need to know and be aware of this issue.

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