Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Shelter Under La Ilaha ila Allah, Muhamad Rasulu Allah

If ISIS Wants to dominate the earth, we are all going to travel and live on other planets. I have always wanted to go somewhere, rise up to the universe and live in another peaceful planet. It might be possible to do that soon. It is not just my dream over the rainbow, a fantasy of young man. We are going to live on another planet one day, I am sure. To manage our waste, we are not going to recycle, but rather trash out and wee wee on ISIS from the very above of the Universe. I bet they will not be able to shelter themselves as everything they might use to do so has La Ilaha il Allah, Muhamad Rasulu Allah. (No God, but Allah, Muhamad messenger of Allah). It would be such a blasphemy to do that, but I am not surprised if those people are sheltering themselves from dirt under La Ilaha ila Allah, Muhamad Rasulu Allah. Hasn’t that always been the politics of the Arab world? To shelter ourselves under the cover of Islam and Allah. Now they made it a dark faith, so fake and violent then called it an Islamic State. Is there anybody there to make my dream comes true? Take me to the Universe. Let me see how long will fanatics be sheltering themselves under the La Ilaha Ila Alla, Muhamad Rasulu Allah.

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