Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Shelter Under La Ilaha ila Allah, Muhamad Rasulu Allah

If ISIS Wants to dominate the earth, we are all going to travel and live on other planets. I have always wanted to go somewhere, rise up to the universe and live in another peaceful planet. It might be possible to do that soon. It is not just my dream over the rainbow, a fantasy of young man. We are going to live on another planet one day, I am sure. To manage our waste, we are not going to recycle, but rather trash out and wee wee on ISIS from the very above of the Universe. I bet they will not be able to shelter themselves as everything they might use to do so has La Ilaha il Allah, Muhamad Rasulu Allah. (No God, but Allah, Muhamad messenger of Allah). It would be such a blasphemy to do that, but I am not surprised if those people are sheltering themselves from dirt under La Ilaha ila Allah, Muhamad Rasulu Allah. Hasn’t that always been the politics of the Arab world? To shelter ourselves under the cover of Islam and Allah. Now they made it a dark faith, so fake and violent then called it an Islamic State. Is there anybody there to make my dream comes true? Take me to the Universe. Let me see how long will fanatics be sheltering themselves under the La Ilaha Ila Alla, Muhamad Rasulu Allah.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Unexpected Speech

At first, he sounded like a good loudmouth. I was not in line with his talk, so were the bored and worried passengers. When he said that the country will never free itself from backwardness and corruption unless it is shakes off the parasites sucking its blood, l wandered to him ears and heart. The Arabs shall never make the country a happy peaceful country he continued. He is still holding on to his ID card dated to the under-protectorate Morocco. Why would he ever think of changing it anyway? He heard lots of warnings from the herd about the rumours that scared everyone, but he ignored it. You need to change to a new ID card. My mother heard about it too and she made a good drama out of it. I often wondered why she ever listen to people, but of course she does not want to go through the hassle of paying more fines, especially for such a useless business of renewing an ID card from the old one to the new digitized one.

 It is not a crime when you snatch a torch to light up the thorny bath of people. It is a real sacrifice. However, I am not in a position where I should be saying that. May be I was in the past but not anymore. Much of the things I learned is a derivation from the mad people I have met. This man was one of them. That of course adds up to the fact of being brought up in fear. Being brought up in the state of darkness and blurred truths. Have I got enough good ideas that I can give away a few of them? I doubt it! But at least I have the gut to admit it. I grew some balls to say it. Don’t turn a blind eye and deaf ear once you know you have living in darkness of your state’s corruption. But strikingly don't poo poo it when you hear it from unexpected random speech from people we would never bother to listen to.