Friday, 4 September 2015

The Syrian Refugee Crisis: the 21st Century Defeat of the Arab Muslim Hypocrisy of Ummah

Again this is a dramatic historical period just like that the world witnessed during the fall of the Berlin Wall. No nation would smile upon tyranny and suffocation. It is always freedom, human rights and respect for the individuals and people’s rights that prevail at the end. After a series of protests and killing in a chaos that is getting even worse, now lots of people are heading to Europe instead of going to Arab and Muslim countries seeking freedom and dignity. Neither political Islam nor the Arab revolution or rather confusion will guarantee that freedom with a mind-set obsessed with religion, conspiracy theory and corruption. Meanwhile the West, especially Europe should be a good student to learn from the current situation happening in the Middle East and stop keeping mum about the corruption going on in North Africa. The future and stability of Europe is dramatically linked to the stability of the South of the Mediterranean. It is high time to put an end to injustice and corruption for serving temporary economic and geo-political interest. Let’s face it. The Muslim and Arab world is broken! No solidarity has been shown toward the Syrians fleeing the devastation of the two- way conflicts of ISIS and the Bashar regime. Women, men and their children are dying just few miles off shore from Muslim territories, to reach the West, a land that lots shouted death to in their protests, when they could have been welcomed even for short time in Muslim ‘brother’ countries that are able to shelter them. We can’t always blame the West for this situation. Indeed, there have been serious mistakes and political decisions that the West could have done better without them for the stability of the Middle East and the flow of oil to its economy. However, part of the biggest mistake has to be blamed on the Arab dictatorship engine. The Arab and Muslim world again has just shown its defeat and the weak principles that have been holding its ill-functioning body: no moral compass, no such a thing called Muslim Ummah. I wonder if we will ever again want to put a foot in Saudi Arabia for Hajj. It should be a land that those ostracized Syrian poor souls head to for saving their lives. Were they afraid to die in the desert on their way to the ‘holy land’? Of course not and I don’t think so! It is a matter of humanity to help people no matter whatever their belief is, no matter what political restriction on borders are, no matter how much political disgrace they hold again each other. This is a state of tolerance the Arab and Muslim could not strike their ever- lost epiphany. Europe has shown restriction against any attempt to live in its territory with no legal status, but not for the sake of hating Muslims or migrants and asylum seekers in general, but for the sake of keeping on track its tidy political, economic and especially social organization of its societies that has been already buzzed with people bringing their issues back home to Europe, such as the burden and the chaos trying to offer European standard of health service, education and ultimate necessity for security in a demographically growing area. Still, Germany opened its arms to the Syrian and the Muslim migrants and refugees, it welcomed, with a civilized way, people from countries of those who were shouting death to the West for silly cartoons about their prophet. The rule of never having enemies not only played individually, but also played with a group in respect of others. Be tolerant to other nations no matter how different they were from you!