Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I am All For You

I am All For You
When you reconnect
be aware that if there is silence,
part of my watercolors on stage of life.
Just something of mindless desire ...
I will not fail to observe the grace and greed ...
not promise that I will proclaim vows
and let all cravings
injured in the shelter of a passion.
Awaken your joy contained in the mornings.
I will respect what you can imagine ...
While I think you will kiss my mouth.
I'll cool off with water
that can be fiery or that may interfere
the imbalance when straight to bed.
Do not be surprised or go spread
I want you to me.
But if such cases happen,
by chance,
to be of a form and format
my wishing well full of you!
I am all for you, all for you!

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