Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Community Service Club Resumes its activities this year with a visit to a public school.

The 2013- 2014 school season in Morocco was launched few days ago following the king’s speech about making education amileorated and one of the founding ground to boost development, so did  the ALC Comminity Service Club of Fes  which resumed its service and activities this year foregrounding education among our biggest concerns.

The 18th of Spt, the CSC had bought 30 school bags as well as received lovely school supplies from members and non-members at the ALC  that meant to be distributed to a public school in a poor neighborhood in Fes.

We all thought that it was a good idea to participate in launching  this year‘s school season and contribute to a better education for poor people. I can tell now after the visit we had to that school that we had opted for the right choice!

Friday,20th spt, the CSC young future leaders headed to “Khalid Ibn El Walid”, a primary school where we had a lovely time. The director and all the  school’s staff there were hospitable. As visitors and guesses, we were asked to sign on the “golden book” of the school in hope from the director for us to come back again to participate in other educational activities. After having explaining what our CSC was about and the kind of activities and service we are providing, we were welcomed in a big room where we delivered the school bags. The students were very pleased  to receive their bags. Most of them were between the age of 8 and 10 with a big smile that lighted up their little faces when each of us handed out a lovely bag for each of them.

“It is a good initiavitve,especially that it meant to help  students from a marginalized area of the city who can’t afford to buy school suplies for a proper education. It is a humane initiative that will make those little students always remember this day” the school’s director stated.One of the teachers in the school said that it was a good intiative for a number of poor students benefited from, and  that it should be continued in the  future time.

visiting a public school to help in meeting the needs of some of these students was a good idea that everybody gave a thumb up.  I have no doubt that children are the first choice you would opt for if you are asked to whom you want to give your care. They are the people one likes to see happy and that was one of our happy time too . It was really a nice experience that each of us has a story to tell about . Tarik El Falih, one of the new member to join the CSC said “ we are human and everything which is for the benefit of human beings is good, and I’m happy that I participated in this commmendable activity. As for “Ibrahim Talal, he said that it was a great opportunity to help those students who were in need and that he had a wonderful time taking part in such heartwarming activity.

Doing simple gesture to bring out the best of people is something rewarding  that shows that there are people who really care about what matters in our society. The Community Service Club which is a new born club comparing to ALC film club has set a good example of the team spirit of young leaders, replete with energy and who are still ready to give more in our future projects. We believe in a better world, we belive in the  country Morocco will be, we believe in people we are and the leaders we want to become.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I am All For You

I am All For You
When you reconnect
be aware that if there is silence,
part of my watercolors on stage of life.
Just something of mindless desire ...
I will not fail to observe the grace and greed ...
not promise that I will proclaim vows
and let all cravings
injured in the shelter of a passion.
Awaken your joy contained in the mornings.
I will respect what you can imagine ...
While I think you will kiss my mouth.
I'll cool off with water
that can be fiery or that may interfere
the imbalance when straight to bed.
Do not be surprised or go spread
I want you to me.
But if such cases happen,
by chance,
to be of a form and format
my wishing well full of you!
I am all for you, all for you!