Tuesday, 7 May 2013

What makes us Human?

Thinking back about those past years in my life and some of the experiences I went through, and looking to see what I am like today, I have come to a conclusion. Most of the things I have done and believed in are coming together to meet at a point which defends and encourages being different, enhances a sense of tolerance and which opens one’s arms to other cultures. Some of the of simplest experiences I went through triggered my thoughts and made me wonder how the world would look if we were not different! I guess we would look as lifeless as normal objects! It is because we are different that we are human. Among the things that make us different is our religion. Our religion is one of the most important factors in our life and that should make us accept difference. I’m sure that all religions defend this notion. We are a group of Muslims, Jews, Christians and Buddhists and so on...and though our ideologies and beliefs are different, they meet at the point of defending tolerance and co-existing. They stand for the sake of serving happiness and achieving peace among people living in a world that believes in difference.

 I have had my attention caught many times by thoughts that are really odd and still annoying for me, like marriage between two people who have different religions and other heretic foolish beliefs which have nothing to do with religion! But, I’m over them and we should all be over them if we want to defend democracy, human rights and tolerance. More than once, I wondered as a Muslim, whether it is possible or not to be with a Christian or anyone whose religious affiliation is different from mine. I still feel that nothing in the world can stop people from loving each other as long as they believe in difference and tolerance as well as a genuine respect of each individual’s religion and religious beliefs. Another thing I want to add is that what makes you interesting and successful is being different. The fact that some people accept difference should make you strong and the fact that others don’t should make you even stronger and push you to work hard to prove them wrong and show them how important difference, tolerance and peace are to one’s life. These things are a must in a world that has started to lose hope in peace and co-existence. As a Moroccan, I believe that I’m different and I’m proud of it. I can’t claim that I’m 100% Arab, Amazigh or Jew. I still feel that I’m hybrid like lots of Moroccans. I might have Arab, Amazigh and Jewish mixed blood running in my veins, in addition to my African identity which enriches difference and my belief in peace and tolerance.


  1. Once you know yourself, you will know the others, accept them as they and in that way they would no mor remain "The others".

    Once you know yourself, you will know the others, accept them as they and in that way they would no mor remain "The others".

  2. Salam old friend. I did really enjoy your text when I was reading it; for it Is full of love and peace. it is nice to be hybrid, and i'm sure that through hybridity you are what you are today. I hope that old people around the world are exactly as nice as you are , for had they been like , no war might have ever taken place. El Alami Morad

  3. Thank you so much my friend Morad. I appreciate all that you have said. Only open-minded and tolerant people like you would believe in all that I said and I believe in.