Lock me in your home where only ghost are guests
Put me in your garden where you grow thorns
Put me out where I can severly suffer
I’m so terrified when your chest touches mine
Sharp spears penetrate my chest when you hold me close
Cold causes me tingle, my heart hardly beats
I see millions of roses, but they are bed for your revenge
Make me lie on them till I come out in a rash
I’ll scratch with lion’s claws till my blood flows
Ready for your rival, ready for your challenge
I’m thirsty so that I will drink your salty sour tears
Dropping from gaze, dried eyes that never cried
Ready to hit your dark dance floor, music beat!
Shriveled crispy flowers crackle under our feet
Gobble my soul with your stormy breath
Break my vertebra with your revengeful embrace
Light a candle on a stormy dark night
Open the windows and let me hear your challenge
Let your freezing falling kisses crack my lips
Let me be unable to speak, that is hellish your revenge
Never mind sweetie!!
Ready for your rival, ready for your challenge

By El Mouti Samir